Sunday, November 04, 2007

Moore is less? NHS and Sicko

Although cinema is one of my enthusiasms, I don’t plan to turn this blog into me talking about my favourite films. However, I think I will comment on Michael Moore’s new film Sicko as it touches on public services here.

Sicko movie is Moore’s polemic against the lack of free universal healthcare in the USA. It makes a strong case against what many Europeans would see as indefensible. When Moore leaves American shores, the film is more ropey.

Moore shows the NHS as idyllic. No reference to MRSA, Clostridium Difficile, the neglect of mental health, the way the NHS has sucked in huge additional resources without a proportionate improvement, etc.

When Moore visits France, its not just the social insurance based healthcare that is wonderful – it is everything. I am no expert on French healthcare but I am aware that there is racism, social exclusion, youth unemployment, etc – and that is just the suburbs of Paris.

I did like Moore’s trip to Cuba. Viva Fidel!

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