Thursday, February 08, 2007

Housing associations, chief executives' pay and rumuneration committees

The average salary for a housing association chief executive is £88,000, according to the newly published Survey of Salaries and benefits in housing associations.

The survey shows that average salary increases have gone up to 4.75% in 2006, which includes both cost-of-living and performance related increases. This is more than the public sector average.

I don’t see any thing to worry about housing association chief execs being paid that much - providing there are appropriate arrangements for the scrutiny of executive remuneration and rigorous performance review. How many housing associations to have robust remuneration committees?

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Kieran said...

Hi Bob

Thanks for the comment pointing me to the other day. I eventually tracked down the relevant information and it turns out it was s15 of the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003. Anyway if you have an interest in Practice Based Commissioning you might want to have a look at a piece of Current Awareness I'm involved in called The Commissioner.

Thanks again for pointing me at a resource that I suspect I will use regularly.