Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quiet zone: the public sector whispering when Twittering

Maybe it is inevitable that last week Facebook complained that social media is not used enough by public agencies in the US. Perhaps as a relative newbie to the world of Twitter, I should not criticise those who are even later to the party than me. However, I have noticed that in the world of Twitter some UK public and third sector organisations have a presence that is worse than useless.

Fundamentally too many organisations do not know who they are talking to (Users? Other stakeholders? Media? Opinion formers?). Let alone what they are trying to convey.

Quite a few organisations lose interest after setting up their Twitter profile – why have a corporate presence if you have nothing to say?

Some struggle to get any followers at all. This is hardly surprising. They forget that you need to follow others in order to attract attention. A few hashtags might encourage people to take a look.

Too often tweets do not have any links - so the content becomes a dead-end rather than a path to a corporate website or other media content. (These cul-de-sacs do nothing in terms of search engine optimisation.)

It is sad that some organisations cannot even be criticised for using social media for “broadcasting” their messages rather than engaging in dialogue. So many organisations are half-heartedly whispering rather than broadcasting.


Anonymous said...

Hello Robert (sorry, can't call you Bob), I've just come across your blog looking for John's new website.

You have some very interesting thoughts and observations here. I'm send Richard a link so he can read the bit about encouraging students to think of their old colleges.

Hope everything is well with you!

Jill x

Bob Deed said...

It is a bit confusing - two variants of Deed Consulting!

I hope you are both well.