Friday, October 08, 2010

Internal audit in a new world for local authorities

Today I attended CATs - Cipfa’s Audit Training in the Midlands – as someone who more than dabbles in internal audit and sits on an audit committee. The session started with a overview of internal audit and governance by Robin Pritchard, Professor of Internal Audit at Birmingham City University. Professor Robin stressed the importance of stakeholders in governance and hence for internal audit.

As over 90% of the audience at CATs were local authority internal auditors it struck me how they were about to face a tsunami of change. A couple of the speakers touched on cuts and “transformation” in local government. What was not mentioned was the likelihood of new models of local government.

In Lambeth there is the John Lewis Council – a Labour council seeking to become a “co-operative council” by hiving-off functions to mutual organisations and community ownership. Then there are the easyCouncil models with Conservative councils adopting the budget airlines as a template.

Recently there was Suffolk County Council which is developing a vision of an “enabling council” with many activities (and almost all staff) divested. This clearly chimes with the Big Society rhetoric of central government.

In all of this there are new models of local government with a scaled back core and a series of out-sourcing relationships going far beyond past and partial contracting out. Of course thrown into the mix are shared service centres and even shared management teams.

So where are internal audit in all this? Does it shrink? And just look at contract compliance and performance? I suspect that will not be enough.

If governance and internal audit is as much about stakeholders as Professor Robin says, internal audit has a key role. It will need new approaches and skills – probably more training and seminars too.

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