Friday, May 15, 2009

Charities harnessing the power of the internet?

The research consultancy nfpSynergy have issued the results of its Virtual Power survey on The power of the internet for charities. (The report can be downloaded if you register.) the report has some interesting figures although I hope some analysis is to follow as 345 pages is a lot to go through.

Some figures do stand out. It was perhaps surprising to read that 48% of charities are now using social networking sites. (I do wonder how many public sector organisations do likewise.) Less surprising is that only 28% bother to blog.

Strangely the latest survey shows fewer organisations look at the possibility of SMS and mobile telephony as a communication tool. Similarly fewer are using these tools. I do wonder if the mix of respondents may have changed in the recent surveys.

Only a quarter of respondents agree with the statement: “My charity is making the most of the internet".

Only 23% of charities agree with the statement: "Our trustees are involved with our internet strategy". (That may be due to a lack of such a strategy!) Meanwhile 32% of the respondents agree either strongly or slightly that "Our internet strategy is ratified and approved at Board level". That sounds like a rubber stamp being applied – uninvolved approval!

I’d recommend charities (and others) have a look at the survey. The questions – even more than the answers - should get you thinking.

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