Thursday, April 30, 2009

If swine flu can't be arrested, can colleges carry on regardless?

The World Health Organization’s latest upgrading of threat level for swine flu and the public information campaign run by the UK government as well as the media coverage means that many organizations will now really treat the issue seriously as one of risk management.

Colleges have for some time had guidance from central government. I suspect not many managers or governors have read it. It is useful about the basics about communication strategy, infection control, etc. It is less good at promoting imaginative thinking about continuing to deliver teaching and learning:

Consider whether resources and materials can be prepared for students to work independently from home. Consider what arrangements might be needed to support such working.

That's not much of a steer.

I hate the over-use of the word “innovation” but there really is a need for some innovation here. Colleges have to start thinking about how they can respond to disruption and even closures by carrying on with podcasts, blogs and other technological responses.


alan said...

_ Hi I am the owner of a medium size company and I wonder whether there is specific implacations regarding my business since the WHO officialised the 6 level ?

Bob Deed said...

I’m not an expert on pandemic flu but I would suggest that the WHO’s move should be a wake-up call to get preparing for the possible scenarios of upheaval – particularly reduced sales, staff absence, disrupted supply chains, etc

Business Link has signposted guidance for small and medium sized businesses: