Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to short notice inspection?

This year lots of providers of social housing (as we will soon be calling housing associations, ALMOs and council housing departments) will be getting a call from the inspectors. With the completion of the Short Notice Inspection pilots, its time for the real thing.

As SNI involve only a couple of inspectors on site for about three days, inspectors go a lot further. However, the good news from those that have been inspected is that SNI appear to be a step forward. For a start, there isn’t the months of inspection preparation (and distraction). The short, sharp shock of SNI would certainly appear to reduce compliance costs.

Perhaps there might be some more good examples of regulatory reform in 2009. I certainly hope so.


Peter Bird said...

The benefits of SNIs will be that social landlords will need to ensure that their services are at a standard fit for inspection at all times because there won't be the time to 'get them into shape' that there has been under traditional inspection regimes.
This should be a benefit to users of the service and should ensure that peak service is the norm rather than something achieved when the inspectors call.

Bob Deed said...

I agree that SNI will give a truer snap shot of service provision - and I would add that inspection can be a useful learning experience for organisations.

I guess that I left that unspoken in my blog post because I wanted to laud some welcome regulatory reform when I moan about red tape so much of the time!