Saturday, April 12, 2008

Audit committees - some (late) new year's resolutions

I am not having a week of plugging the Audit Committee Institute (sponsored by KPMG). But I would recommend the ACI’s latest quarterly. It carries an article on Ten To-Do’s for Audit Committees in 2008.

A couple of the To-Dos are, in my opinion, less priorities for the audit committees of the public and third sectors. The rest are:

- Be a catalyst for improving risk management and oversight.

- Make sure the CFO (chief financial officer) and the finance team have what they need to succeed.

- Ensure there’s a shared vision for internal audit.

- Encourage (expect) frequent, informal communications with the audit engagement partner.

- Be prepared for a crisis.

- Make sure the full board is aware of the audit committee’s activities and needs.

- Assess the tone at the top and throughout the organisation.

- Take a hard look at the audit committee’s performance.

The article has some suggestions on all of these too.

As I’ve signposted before, there is plenty of useful guidance out there for audit committee members in all sectors.

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