Saturday, January 19, 2008

How clear was my crystal ball on the public sector in 2007?

Yesterday I stumbled over my blog post on “What will 2007 hold for the public sector”. It maybe gives an insight in my Mystic Meg abilities to predict (or not) future events.

I was right about NHS being in the news (not really a very startling forecast). Likewise social housing was on the policy agenda and in the headlines – the Hills report wasn’t a huge revelation but we do now know what the Housing and Communities Agency will look like and the regulatory arrangements.

Neither my blog or the Times article that inspired it suggested that data and privacy would become such an issue. Similarly it did not talk about the changes in emphasis on public sector reform away from choice and competition as Blair exited to bring peace to the Middle East.

I had written about the tightening of public finances in other posts. (After all the Institute of Fiscal Studies had been predicting that for a couple of years!) I suspect that will feed into the headlines in 2008.

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