Sunday, July 01, 2007

Getting rid of consultants - NAO launch toolkit

Everyone (or at least many people) hate consultants. There has been plenty of discussion and media coverage about the numbers of consultants (Blair’s barmy army”) and the cost of them to the public sector. So it is interesting to see that the National Audit Office is trying to help central government departments to secure efficiency gains in this area.

(I should declare an interest as I work with FE colleges, housing associations and other organisations delivering public services on governance and finance - the clue is in the heading to this blog.)

The NAO has launched an interactive toolkit for use before commissioning consultants. It is meant to provide an analysis of areas of weakness, guidance on how to improve value for money and good practice case studies. Presumably the toolkit is just as relevant to other public sector and not-for-profit organisations outside Whitehall.

The NAO toolkit is available at Unfortunately when I tried using it, it didn’t work.

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